The Fourth Key is, Fitness. We can exercise with our
significant other and children the family that
exercises together But it is a wonderful thing to
exercise together, even just you and one child.


can go together for walking, jogging, bicycling,
tennis, golf, basketball and so on. There are numerous
possibilities. The best part is, while you are
building a healthy low carb lifestyle, you are also
building your relationship with your child.

The Fifth Key is, Support. While
LowCarb.Lifestyles.Com helps our member to build a
support network in online forums and by emailing each
other inside the community, your family is a natural
support base! Act on the previous four Keys in your
family, and your home will become your support base.

If you implement even one of the Five Keys in your
home life, your will see definite results in a very
short time, for your physical health and also for the
emotional and spiritual health of your family.