Consultants in HealthCare Financing HealthCare 2000 is a consulting firm that specializes in health insurance financing. The company advises clients on many different cost saving strategies. The firm has been successful in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for their clients.


In many cases the client will maintain its original healthcare plan, but with a significant reduction in cost. This is often done without changing the benefits employees are accustomed to receiving. HealthCare 2000 will analyze all available options, to include managed care plans, partially self-insured plans, minimum premium plans and traditional indemnity plans.

The review is presented in a format that can be easily understood and all plans shown will be similar in benefit structure. The company also advises their clients on all aspects of their plans, including COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, and ADA. HealthCare 2000 represents their clients and not an insurance company.

The principals of HealthCare have an extensive background in health plan administration. Their philosophy is to find the most attractive healthcare plan in the market that fits your company’s needs. They are not motivated by commissions paid by insurance companies, because their compensation is based on your savings.

The company is paid 25% of your first year savings only, and if there are no savings or if you do not implement their ideas and concepts your company owes no fees. Insurance brokers are typically motivated by who pays the best commission. Insurance companies and health care administrators that pay lower commissions are normally not shown.

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